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Vintage Japanese bookmarks by Junichi Nakahara 1920s

"vintage bookmarks from Japan 1920's stiff card 143 mm

With the valuable information given to me thankfully by Gustav Klim and KEIK-T I can provide now a correct description of the bookmarks:

These bookmarks are prints by the renowned Japanese artist Junichi Nakahara (1913 - 1988) from the Kagawa prefecture. Nakahara worked as an illustrator and print maker. In the 1920s and 1930s his illustrations of young girls with big eyes were famous and he had a dominant influence during that generation. Nakahara is considered a forerunner of the manga art.

Credit is made to - art auctions for Japanese and Chinese prints - where some other artwork of Nakahara can be seen.

The bookmarks show teenaged town girls from the Edo era. The inscriptions on the images read:
- Snowy night
- Dream comes true
- Fragrance of the chrysanthemum

Courtesy of The Art of Bookmark - Bookmark Exhibition"

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