Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Donald Deskey, Table Lamp, c.1927

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Donald Deskey, table lamp. Chrome-plated metal and glass. American, c.1927.

Click image above for 245X500 version.

Scanned from "Art Deco 1910-1939" edited by Charlotte Benton, Tim Benton and Chislaine Wood.

UPDATE: This was originally posted in 5/28/2006. Since then some readers have taken quite an interest in this lamp, and as luck would have it Noble Designs and Terry Tynan are now selling reproductions of this classic.


Ron said...

Deskey's lamp is a delight. I think I'll attempt to replicate it (well, almost) using exotic woods. If I take the plunge, it won't be a lamp, but three boxes, each one maybe 4 or 5 inches high at the back. As a hobby I make box structures (for want of a better term) using art deco style as an inspiration, so I'm always on the lookout for ideas beyond those that I conjure on my own. It's rare that I find something like this which allows me (if I can pull it off) to be a brazen copycat. Usually I have to do a lot of fiddling with someone else's original idea when I'm lucky enough to find one. But Deskey's lamp is as good as it gets for me. At least when the design originates from outside of my head.

Mariana said...

Hi, Ron! I'm glad you found something inspirational on this blog. Good luck with this project!

soulmambo said...

I have a question regarding the lamp. Isw the patent on this lamp still valid? and what are the issues involved in duplicating it? thanks

Mariana said...

I wouldn't know anything about such issues, sorry. Perhaps you should contact people who are knowledgeable about copyright issues, they may inform you.

Anonymous said...

Made by Terry Tynan


Mariana said...

Thanks for the link, I loved those lamps, they're fantastic!

Ron said...

I had posted that I would try to make a version of Deskey's lamp using exotic hardwoods. It worked out quite nicely. I enjoyed the challenge.

Mariana said...

Hey, good for you! :)

Malibu landscape lighting said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

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