Tuesday, May 09, 2006

F.-L. Schmied, "Je suis noire, mais je suis belle", 1939

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Long before the "Black is Beautiful" movement existed.

"I'm black, but I'm beautiful." Illustration by F.-L. Schmied, "Le Cantique des Cantiques" 1939. Click image for 381X600 version.

Scanned from the book "Le livre, objet d'art: Collection Calouste Gulbenkian, France. XIXe-XXe siècles."


Glhrm said...

Ah oui, Le Cantique des Cantiques.

"Je suis noire, mais je suis belle, filles de Jérusalem,
Comme les tentes de Kédar, comme les pavillons de Salomon."

Mariana said...

Oi, Glhrm Qndt. Obrigada pela visita e pelo comentário. Fica lindo isso em francês. :)

lotusgreen said...

how cool that i came to this accidentally--trying to find images by F.-L. Schmied.... i guess i'm going to have to go through your whole archive to get an education

Mariana said...

Searches are my best friends, I get most of my visitors through them. Hope you find lots of stuff to enjoy.

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