Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Proud to Say I'd Never Abandon My Pet" Campaign

Last Friday I wrote a post on my other blog saying less animals would get abandoned every holiday season if only campaigns focused on praising and rewarding good pet owners, instead of giving time and attention to those who were bad and cruel. It started me thinking anyone could make such a campaign, so why not me?

You can read all about the "Proud to Say I'd Never Abandon My Pet" campaign here and you're welcome to join it at any time! It couldn't be easier: just link to the campaign's blog and write a post on your site saying you didn't abandon your pet when you went on holiday this summer, and never would. Anyone who does this will be linked back. Go ahead and blow your own horn, you deserve it! You're setting up a good example for others, and more people should be like you.

This invitation is good for those who don't have a pet right now, as long as they agree with the premise that responsible pet owners don't leave their pets to die when they go on vacation.

A million thanks to everyone who spreads the word! :)

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