Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vintage nude with apple

Vintage nude with apple, originally uploaded by NevDevil.

From the flickr page:

During the mid to late 1920's, the largest producer of all postcards was
the PC of Paris studio.

PC Paris produced postcards of every genre and was known to have been the
first to distribute postcards that were on the cutting edge of fads and fashions.
The company was also known for producing a large amount of classical nude postcards which they marketed to artists (at least theoretically).

The PC of Paris company must have employed a large team of photographers in order to produce the amount of postcards attributed to them. While we know they produced every popular theme, it is unknown how many postcards they distributed with a classical theme. The number probably ranges somewhere in the millions.

Collectors of PC of Paris postcards recognize the fact that owning a classical nude postcard was, by far, more superior than those created for the general public. The evidence of this is the price. A classical nude postcard on today's market can cost as little as $80.00 or as much as $400.00.

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