Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holm Gren, Dustwitch's Party Magazine, October November, 1930s


jtk said...

That is one of my favorite covers. It reminds me of the Beistle decorations I used to see on Halloween when I was growing up.

Geisha said...

I know the type you mean, like this, right? It's terrific.

I remember this cover was one of the images you posted on Halloween!

jtk said...

Yes, theyre the ones, I love them. I always search ebay under Beistle when Im feeling nostalgic. There were also witches, and the famous bristling cat with its curved back that had rivets in their arms and legs, so you could put them in different positions. I remember they were hung on the doors and windows of the houses where we trick or treated, and the images have always stayed with me.

Anonymous said...

This was originally a Dennison's Halloween catalog cover. I modified it to say "Dustwitch" because it is my online screen name. This is NOT an actual cover but a sample of my art by modifying existing art. I hope nobody thinks this is the real original cover.
~The Dustwitch, himself.

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