Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Music Hall Memories: Marie Lloyd

From the Flickr page:

"I inherited this collection of Music Hall Memories from 1935. They were originally part of my grandfather's collection which came out weekly with collections from the British Music Hall traditions of 1918 and before.

This issue features the "Queen of the Music Hall", Marie Lloyd (1870-1922). She was considered a "ravy" singer, and was once barred entry to the United States for "moral turpitude" (!!)

Here are some of the lyrics to her dong featured in this issue, "There they are, the two of them on their own"

" Ever since my sister Mary Ann took on with Mister Green,
I have no complaints to make, I'll tell you what I mean.
Every time he makes a call, that's nearly every day.
Both of them seem to look on me, as being in the way.
If I go in the palour whene the pari of them are there
Oh it's a lark, to see the way they both begin to glare.
Mary looks at Mister Green and then he winks his eye
Look at me now! They've sent me out
I'm sure I don't know why!

There they are, the two of them on their own
In the parlour alone, alone, alone!
They've given me half a crown to run away and play
Li-ti-id-dle-dy! Hi-ti-idle-dy! Hi-ti-id-dle-dy-ay!" "

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