Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jazz Age Hair Illustrations, 1920s

Top left: The Hair.

Top right: "The Beauty of Grey Hair

Thanks to her sophisticated charm, a carefully picked wardrobe and assiduous care the grey haired woman can be charming. Pity the poor deluded woman who weeps over her jet black hair, because she didn't realize gray hair is much more distinguished. The pot of hair dye did its job -- and deprived her of her greatest beauty." Illustration signed C.A.

Bottom: 1920 illustrations. "Paris Does Astonishing Experiments in Hair-Dressing
No two heads should look alike -- no woman should wear the same hair-do for two days in a row.

(Left) The revival of dresses in the Princess of Clèves style naturally caused the return of these hair-dos, where braids are used in an unheard of and spectacular way.

(Middle) This new invention, the electric perm, was such a useful innovation in the field of the toilette that even a woman whose hair is smooth and silky can make a hair-do such as this one, even if it's likely that in time she'll give it up.

(Right) Due to high collars one should expect tall hair-dos, where hair is lifted up, so as to free the neck. But ladies will not renounce as easily to "poufs" over the ears."

Scanned from Bronwen Meredith's "Vogue Body and Beauty Book"1977.

Click image for 756 x 1000 size.


Anonymous said...

I very mush like that scan, it reminds me a little of the illustrations William Heath Robinson did with his fake inventions. I would suggest checking him out for an art-deco period artist.

Mariana said...

Oh, I love those Rube Goldberg-like gadgets and contraptions, they're so cool. Thanks for the suggestion.

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