Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vintage Japanese bookmarks by Junichi Nakahara 1920s

"vintage bookmarks from Japan 1920's stiff card 143 mm

With the valuable information given to me thankfully by Gustav Klim and KEIK-T I can provide now a correct description of the bookmarks:

These bookmarks are prints by the renowned Japanese artist Junichi Nakahara (1913 - 1988) from the Kagawa prefecture. Nakahara worked as an illustrator and print maker. In the 1920s and 1930s his illustrations of young girls with big eyes were famous and he had a dominant influence during that generation. Nakahara is considered a forerunner of the manga art.

Credit is made to - art auctions for Japanese and Chinese prints - where some other artwork of Nakahara can be seen.

The bookmarks show teenaged town girls from the Edo era. The inscriptions on the images read:
- Snowy night
- Dream comes true
- Fragrance of the chrysanthemum

Courtesy of The Art of Bookmark - Bookmark Exhibition"


Anonymous said...

Hi!! your website is beautiful. i love all of the images you've posted. i had a quick question about an image that was posted back on December 31, 2006. it was the vintage cover art for the song "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, Have You Seen My Girl." I LOVE the cover and want to have it tattooed. The only problem is that the image is no longer hosted and i cant download a larger version of it. If you can send me a larger version of the photo i would GREATLY appreciate it! my great-grandfather had a similar tattoo and I wanted to get one to commemorate him. please e-mail me at

thank you so much!!!

M said...

Hi Greg. If you address this request to the person who originally uploaded that image on Flickr I'm sure he/she will be able to help you.

Good luck, and thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

this person doesnt seem to have an account any longer. bummer. thanks for your help anyway and if you happen to run across it again please let me know. you have a great site keep up the good work!


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