Saturday, March 22, 2008

V-Neck Jumper, 1920s

V-Neck Jumper, 1920s, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

"The V-neck jumper of this streamlined, hand-knitted suit is in rust-coloured silk. Tasseled bags complemented the fringed dresses of the era and cloche hats, softened with veils or turban styles, were worn at the end of the decade."

Scanned from the book "Decades of Fashion".

Click image for 462 x 944 size.


Unknown said...

what a beautiful photograph. i love this dress. the lacde looks just exquisite. as an art deco inspired illustrator i am experiencing wonderful ideas for a tribute. beautiful blog. most enchanting. cheers.~

M said...

Hi, Octavine, thanks! Happy Easter to you and your family.

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