Monday, June 30, 2008

The Pictorial Review, July, 1925, Summer Frocks and Fashion 7

Found in I'm Learning To Share!

Click image for 985 x 1280 size.


David Thompson said...

Not very PC and you know you shouldn't smoke kids but I love the cigarette holder held by the women top centre. It is almost as big as the walking stick directly below her.

Mariana said...

Whenever you show images of the past you're bound to stumble upon something that's not very PC, and you should show it anyway. This is not a family blog. That said, Whatever she's holding doesn't look like a cigarette holder to me -- it's too thick, maybe it's a small cane or something.

David Thompson said...

You could be right about it being a cane. And I agree fully that we shouldn't over-censor the the past just because our values have changed.

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