Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lee Lawrie, Wisdom, 1932-40

Wisdom (1932-40), originally uploaded by MsBlueSky.

Entrance portal to Raymond Hood's RCA Building Rockefeller Center


TimeWarped said...

Hey, thanks for putting my image on your blog. Its MsBlueSky from Flickr :)

Mariana said...

I should be thanking you! It's the best photo I've seen of this lovely architecture. Art Deco fan that I am, it made my day! Thanks for taking the time to upload it.

Feta said...

Apparently, this is an adaptation of William Blake's Ancient of Days.

Pretty nifty!

Mariana said...

Yeah, the rays and the hand are unmistakable, it's bound to have been inspired by that painting. :)

Elizabeth said...

This is astounding!

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