Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Neysa McMein

Neysa McMein , originally uploaded by ondiraiduveau.


Mignonette said...

Look at that dress! Just lovely ♥

Web Designer Philippines said...

She so pretty, I love her dress.

House plans said...

She’s very graceful she’s like a goddess.

Ricco said...

That dress may not be the best for climbing trees. All that heavy material near the bottom would get tangled in branches.

I enjoy your site.

Cheers! Ricco

Mariana said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! Hi Ricco, I see you liked many of the images here, thank you, you have a great site.

Ricco said...

Hey Mariana,

Thanks. I am new to blogging, or at least participating in commenting on blogs. And, as a programmer, I said, how can I make sense of this blogging world. So I wrote a little piece of code that allows me to grab recent items from blogs tht I have flagged. Then I go some magical text converting stuff, and display the items all combined together on the front page of my site. That allows me very simply keep abreast of the new items that appear each hour of the list of site I am keeping an eye on. Glad you like it. I am also written for myself a second process that says... ok, from all those sites that you are watching... go back and get all the comments that were made, an then do the same thing, show them to me on a page all sorted together. Oh, yeah, and make links in that page, so I can easily go am look at the commenter that have profiles.

The idea was to have some kind of organized way to start to meet people, and keep track of when people respond to the comments I make.

All this is only a couple of days old for me, but so far I am enjoying it. And I really like your site. The images you show are classic, and fit my interest in the Arts.

Cheers! Ricco

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