Saturday, April 15, 2006

Emil A. Schuelke, Penguin Cocktail Shaker, 1936

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Emil A. Schuelke, Penguin Cocktail Shaker, 1936.

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"Extremely popular in the 1920s and 1930s, cocktail shakers were also produced in more whimsical styles, such as "The Penguin, A Bird of a Shaker" made by the Napier Company and offered by Hammacher Schlemmer of New York City in the New Yorker on September 19, 1936. "Master of ceremonies at successful parties," the advertisement reads, "the perkiest shaker that ever poured a cocktail. And how he pours!... right from his beak with never a spill. Holds 1 1/2 quarts in his fat insides' Designed by Emil A. Schuelke and patented by the Napier Company the penguin was available in silver plate for $12.50 or in the deluxe version with gilt details shown here, for $25."


Trey said...

I wish more things were this cool--I want more whimsey and ornamentalist influence in my world.

M said...

Yes, sometimes I think grown-ups are too grown-up!

jtk said...

That really is one cool shaker. Nick Charles would be proud to mix a martini in it.

M said...

Would you believe that I only recently started hearing about the Thin Man series of movies? And I still haven't sat down and watched one through.

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