Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Armstrong Linoleum Floors" ad, 1935

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The ad is right: "Here's a floor that says, 'Let's dance' and means it!"

"Armstrong Linoleum Floors"
ad, 1935.

Click image above for 561X800 version.

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 30s".

From the ad:
"Dancing feet can't mar the beauty of this custom-built Armstrong Floor (...) The special design (orange with insets of black, white, and silver gray) indicates the unlimited effects possible with modern Armstrong Linoleum. Floor installed by Livezey Linoleum Floors, Inc. Armand D. Carroll, architect.

Ask for this Decorating Service

Our Bureau of Interior Decoration will gladly work with you or your architect in creating floor effects that best suit your place of business. This free service is explained in our new book, 'Public Floors of Enduring Beauty.' All types of business interiors are illustrated. Send for this helpful book.

Can Armstrong Floors take the traffic? Our best answer is to point out their popularity for restaurants and dance room floors. Above, you see one of the latest proofs -- the famous Arcadia, The International Restaurant, in Philadelphia. here the Armstrong Floor does the same double duty it will be asked to do in your own business home: first, to attract trade by its fresh, smart beauty; and second, to keep all its snap, dash, and eye-appeal regardless of a most severe day-and-night drubbing.

Your local linoleum merchant can tell you of other sales-attracting Armstrong installations, can show you other Armstrong Floors that give no hint of their years and years of active service. See him. Get the money-saving facts."

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