Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki Railway Station, originally uploaded by dct66.

From the flickr page: "Two of the four large figures which flank the main entrance to Eliel Saarinen's Helsinki Railway Station."


David Thompson said...

What a surprise to come back to your blog today to find one of my photos there.

I think you made a good choice. The Helsinki Railway Station was designed around 1904 and construction was completed in 1914 so it is very early to be described as deco but I look as these stylised figures and I can see nothing but deco.

I like the way the snow looks like a very bad case of dandruff.

Thanks for including this picture. I'll have to get around to doing a blog on the building myslef one day soon.

M said...

Hi David, I love art deco architecture. The snow gives it a fairy tale mood.

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