Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Edward Steichen, Marion Morehouse (aka Mrs. e. e. Cummings),Louiseboulanger dress, 1926

Marion Morehouse (aka Mrs. e. e. Cummings) wearing a sleeveless black chiffon dress with an unevenly hemmed skirt of velvet and chiffon petals, and a cire satin girdle; designed by Louiseboulanger --- Image by © Condé Nast Archive/CORBIS


La Fiancée disparue said...

Wonderful blog! I added you to my favorite links.


M said...

Hi, Dulcette, thanks! I love your template. I've linked you back also.

studio wellspring said...

stunning woman, and gorgeous dress....and to be married to e.e.cummings, my oh my i wonder what that must have been like. ;o)

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