Monday, June 30, 2008

The Pictorial Review, July, 1925, Summer Frocks and Fashion 7

Found in I'm Learning To Share!

Click image for 985 x 1280 size.


David Thompson said...

Not very PC and you know you shouldn't smoke kids but I love the cigarette holder held by the women top centre. It is almost as big as the walking stick directly below her.

M said...

Whenever you show images of the past you're bound to stumble upon something that's not very PC, and you should show it anyway. This is not a family blog. That said, Whatever she's holding doesn't look like a cigarette holder to me -- it's too thick, maybe it's a small cane or something.

David Thompson said...

You could be right about it being a cane. And I agree fully that we shouldn't over-censor the the past just because our values have changed.

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