Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dictionary booklet, 1930s

Dictionary booklet, 1930s, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 511 x 717 size.

Textbook or dictionary for your handwriting - booklet that comes with a magazine. (Thanks to Paula Wirth for translating!)

Courtesy of Patricia of Agence Eureka blog. Merci beaucoup!


Joey Altruda said...

There seem to be more and more of these types of graphics surfacing, many good repros too, both in Los Angeles and Shanghai.
Thanks for posting this!

M said...

Hi Joey, thanks!

Lucy Kennedy said...

Ooh, period Japanese costume, interesting. The woman is wearing a haori, the loose top layer jacket (blue in this case) which has connotations of study or even being a blue-stocking. The hairstyle is Western-influenced rather than traditional. The positioning of the collar and the sashes suggest to me that this might be intended as a young married woman (though the sash is ambiguous - the central cord which can be seen with a knot in it is very high up on the underlying sash compared to what I'd expect). The kimono has an all-over pattern which counts as fairly informal.

Sorry, this may be of no interest whatsoever, but I was wondering how far I could put my tentative kimono-reading abilities into practice. I'm no authority!

M said...

That is interesting! I love individualism, but sometimes I also wish our society was a bit more tribal, with dress codes that are a form of comunication in itself, like with these traditional Japanese kimonos. Depending on how people dressed you knew tons about their social status, whether they were married or not, etc. I long for some of that simplicity.

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