Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sven Brasch

Sven Brasch, originally uploaded by Confetta.

Danish Poster Designer 1886-1970


Ben J Hamilton said...

Wow! This one is really interesting. You can see an overlap of deco style with the modernizing of typography here. The repetition of important information (like the underlined ‘Se’ here) was common to typography that followed the teaching of Jan Tschichold. To see it under a deco illustration is fantastic! Also, the colour palette is noticeably quiet. Red, black and white again. 3 colours are usually all that’s needed.

M said...

I like how some mag covers and posters of this period have a rough feel to them, almost like they're a draft, without the glossiness and sophistication that these days you expect from a finished product. I think that gives them character. Also, purple (her hair) and brown (the sepia background) go well together.

Ben J Hamilton said...

Yeah and I think you may be seeing the effect of business on pleasure when you mention the glossy finish to most things today — it’s usually a result of market research and the business needs of publishers who daren’t risk any money on good design. Today designers aren’t usually given as much trust as before and this is probably why most stuff ends up all glossy and meaningless.

Unknown said...

Wow love your blog!

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