Friday, November 09, 2007

Did Enoch Bolles invent the bikini?

From the flickr page:

"I was reading a recent thread on the fabulous art deco blog site about the bikini a Bolles girl was wearing. I guess the conventional history is that bikinis first appeared in the 1940s. But take a look at these Bolles covers, all done in the 1930s except the Film Fun at the bottom. Could Bolles have popularized, if not invented the bikini?"


Amy said...

yes I have to agree with you, I think they were probably invented before the 1940's. Perhaps stars like Marilyn Monroe glamourised them in the war time period but it looks like they were certainly around before then. I must say, without sounding grubby that it's nice to see the bodies on the magazines with a bit more flesh than what's shown nowadays, even if the pictures are just illustrations.

Mariana said...

Oh, I didn't write that, that's from the flickr page where I found the image.

Yes, it's not a matter of wanting to see nothing but "realistic" women in fashion -- these vintage pin-ups are also an idealization, and that's what fashion is about, projecting an ideal, not doing a documentary. But it would be nice to see "ideal" women of all shapes and sizes, and not just size 0.

Jôka P. said...

Que legal ! ADOREI !!!

Mariana said...

Este ilustrador era super sexy!

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