Tuesday, May 09, 2006

F.-L. Schmied, "Je suis noire, mais je suis belle", 1939

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Long before the "Black is Beautiful" movement existed.

"I'm black, but I'm beautiful." Illustration by F.-L. Schmied, "Le Cantique des Cantiques" 1939. Click image for 381X600 version.

Scanned from the book "Le livre, objet d'art: Collection Calouste Gulbenkian, France. XIXe-XXe siècles."


Anonymous said...

Ah oui, Le Cantique des Cantiques.

"Je suis noire, mais je suis belle, filles de Jérusalem,
Comme les tentes de Kédar, comme les pavillons de Salomon."

M said...

Oi, Glhrm Qndt. Obrigada pela visita e pelo comentário. Fica lindo isso em francês. :)

lotusgreen said...

how cool that i came to this accidentally--trying to find images by F.-L. Schmied.... i guess i'm going to have to go through your whole archive to get an education

M said...

Searches are my best friends, I get most of my visitors through them. Hope you find lots of stuff to enjoy.

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