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The Reeses, "Wolfhead Undergarments" ad, 1918

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The Reeses, "Wolfhead Undergarments" ad, 1918.

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads 1900-1919".

Click image above for 407X600 version.

From the ad:
"The exquisite style and sheer loveliness of the WOLFHEAD UNDERGARMENTS are equaled only by their practical economy. These are days when women have neither time nor money to waste on garments that do not give full service and satisfaction.

WOLFHEAD designs for nightgowns, petticoats, envelope chemise and camisoles embody the most pleasing and the most advanced fashion ideas.

They are skilfully cut from superior materials, and trimmed with fine embroideries, imported lace and the daintiest ribbons.

In making them, the most expert and painstaking needlework is employed -- you will find no raw edges or careless finishing. And they always fit perfectly. Look for the WOLFHEAD label in every garment.

At the best stores and shops you will find a complete selection of of the newest WOLFHEAD styles, at very moderate prices.

If your dealer can not show them to you, write for the name of the nearest store handling them.


Fifth Avenue

New York City"

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